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ABA, American Fishing Tour, Pennsylvania Division (D09)

Within this site you will find all the information you will need about Bass fishing tournaments in Pennsylvania and Maryland, offering draw tournaments for weekend anglers (individual competition for boaters and non-boaters) on the Tidal Delaware River and the Susquehanna Flats. All qualifying tournaments are one day events and have a $70 entry fee, with the exception of the 2-day State final which has a $140 entry fee. GUARANTEED BOAT USE AT THE LOCAL LEVEL!

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Tournament Director's Report

Starting Oct 1 2014, The off limits area for anchor marina will be

Many thanks to our local sponsor Blackwater Sports Center. Jeff Sr and Jeff Jr of the Blackwater Pro Staff donated an awesome array of baits, thank you so much!!!! Visit thier store at 2228 North Delsea Drive, Vineland, New Jersey 08360. or online at www.blackwatersportscenter.com

Well, it's been a great year congrats to Bill C and Joe C and best of luck at the nationals.

Local Bonus - Any current member that brings someone new (never fished with the aba before) to a tournament and the new member fishes 4, one day D09 events, and the two day D09 divisional championship will get $25 a bonus. The new member must fill out the membership application at the ramp.

Note, you can sign up at the ramp for any local tournament, but cash only and a $5 late fee. If you join at the ramp the late fee is waived.

Competitors are advised they should have both PA and NJ licenses, for all Delaware river tournaments.

2014 State Championship Tournament
Our 2014 local state final will be on August 23rd and 24th on the FLATS, to qualify for this you must fish four, one day events. The entry fee is $140. Again GUARANTEED BOAT USE AT THE LOCAL LEVEL!

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Visit the American Bass Anglers national website at http://www.americanbassanglers.com

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2014 National Championship

When: October 22,23,24, 2014
Where: Old Hickory Lake, Hendersonville, TN
First Place Boater: Triton 21XS and Mercury 200 Pro XS Outboard, Carlisle Tires and Wheels, ODYSSEY Batteries, Royal Purple Oil and a MotorGuide Trolling Motor.
First Place Non-Boater: Triton 19XS Mercury 150 Pro XS, Carlisle Tires and Wheels, ODYSSEY Batteries, MotorGuide Trolling Motor.
Place Paid: 20% of the field will receive cash or prizes (with a full field of 500 anglers payout is to 75 places as shown in the published flier)
Official Practice: Sunday October 19 ,Monday October 20 and Tuesday October 21
Onsite Registration: Sunday October 19, 2 - 5pm. Gallatin Civic Center, 210 Albert Gallatin Av. Gallatin, TN 37066
Launch/Weigh In: Sanders Ferry Park, Hendersonville, TN
    Wednesday: Opening Ceremonies at Safe Daylight     Weigh In at 3:00pm
    Thursday Safe Daylight to 3:00pm
    Friday Safe Daylight to 2:30pm
Service Teams: The top anglers from each service team will be announced
Big Bass: $5,000 per day (optional and purse is based on the number of entries)
Awards Banquet: (information coming soon)
Field: Top 500 American Fishing Tour Anglers by Invitation.The top 250 boaters nationally by points will be given guaranteed boat use regardless of the number of non-boaters. If any of the top 250 boaters by points do not accept their invitation additional slots will be awarded by points going down the list until the top 250 boater slots are filled.
If any of the top 250 non-boaters by points do not accept their invitation, additional slots will be awarded by points going down the list until the top 250 non-boaters slots are filled.
Entry Fee: $170 (includes polygraph fee) Does not include big bass
License Required: Tennessee
Mail and Online Registration: July 1, 2013 - October 1st. Top 250 must accept invitation by September 23. The remaining slots will be filled from a list of qualified and pre-registered anglers. Entries after October 9th will be accessed a $25.00 late fee

2014 Angler of the Year - The Final Round

• October 21,22,23 2013 - Old Hickory Lake
The 2014 Angler of the Year program will be held during the 2014 championship with each divisional AOY having a shot to win a 21XS Triton boat with a 200hp Mercury Pro XS Motor, also loaded with sponsor products like ODYSSEY batteries, T-H Marine Hot Foot and Jack Plate, Carlisle Tires with Blackrock wheels. The Angler of the Year will be determined by highest total weight during the three-day Championship tournament among the registered Divisional Anglers of the Year.

AOY Prize: Triton 21XS and Mercury 200 Pro XS Outboard, Carlisle Tires and Wheels, ODYSSEY Batteries, Royal Purple Oil and MotorGuide Trolling Motor.

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Tournament weigh in bags supplied by

1R Bauman567
2Den B 563
2R Przybyl562
1Joe C235
2J Phillips186

Bill Cowperthwait kicked tail for most of the year, and went into the finals with a good lead but on saturday he could not manage a fish, leaving the door open for AOY. But Bill is a tough competitor and locked the deal up with a good sack on sunday. Robert Winward wins the two day championship. A cold front made the fishing tough but Robert had them figured out when no one else could. Joe Ciamaichela Jr wins COY for the 2nd year in a row. He had a big lead going into the finals and crushed all hope amoung his competitors with a 5 pounder on day one.
2014 AOY
Bill Cowperthwait
  2014 Two Day Champ
Robert Winward
2014 COY
Joe Ciamaichela Jr

Ricky D, crushed the field with a 29 lb sack to win the two day and nail down his 3rd AOY title and his second in a row. Great Job Ricky your the man!!! Joe Ciamaichela Jr wins the COY title, he was in a tight race with Randy all year but he came thru big in the 2 day, to nail down the win. Congrats Joe!!!
2013 AOY
Rick DiIenno
  2013 COY
Joe Ciamaichela Jr

Ricky DiIenno locks up his 2nd AOY crown. It was a real tight race this year with three anglers within 2 pts of the lead. Although Ricky could not manage a limit the fish he did bring were quailty enough to make him our first ever two time winner. Dale Gorrell wins the two day championship for the second year in a row. He held off a sunday charge by Mike Piccolo to nail down the win. Randy Iorio wins COY for the 5th time and 4th straight, the competeition was tough this year with 4 co-anglers giving Randy a good run.
2012 AOY
Rick DiIenno
  2012 Two Day Champ
Dale Gorrell
2012 COY
Randy Iorio

Mike Piccolo lead much of the year based on 3 early season wins on the flats. But that did nothing but cause Dale Gorrell to focus. Conditions were tough with high muddy water But Dale managed the only limit on the final day to tie Mike for the points lead. Causing a special tie breaker tournament in which Dale prevaled. Randy Iorio locked up COY for the 3rd straight time, can anybody beat this guy?
2011 AOY
Dale Gorrell
  2011 COY
Randy Iorio

Going into the 2 day, four guys within 5 pts of the AOY lead. Den didn't think he had much of a chance but 2 solid limits propelled him to win both the Division Championship and AOY. Randy had a great season, his win on the flats gave him a commanding lead going into the finals, and a solid limit on day one sealed the deal for COY.
2010 AOY
Den Budzitowski
  2010 COY
Randy Iorio

Jeff Lead all year but Tim K, Mike T and Chris D closed the gap and gave us all an exciting finsh to the season. Jeff was trailing after day 1 but brought in a limit on the last day to win both the division championship and AOY. Randy broke into a good lead after the final one day event, and slamed the door shut with a good limit on day one of the finals.
2009 AOY
Jeff Warner
  2009 COY
Randy Iorio
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Ricky D, and Ralph Ferguson were in a tight race all year, but Rick Hung on to his lead on the last day winning both the Division championship and nailing down AOY. Ray M pulled a great come from behind win over defending co-angler champ Randy Iorio during the two day.
2008 AOY
Rick DiIenno
  2008 COY
Ray Marcinkiewicz

Johnny V and Dave Seemans were in the closest AOY race ever, after day 1 of the championship they were separated by only 0.05 lbs. But John came thru on the last day with a big 13 lb. sack winning both the Division championship and AOY. The Co-angler race was tight as well with Randy, Rob Santos, Cody Shwartz and Ed Barry all in the running on the last day. But Randy's experience paid off with a good sack winning COY.
2007 AOY
John Vanore
  2007 COY
Randy Iorio

NEW!!! Athens, AL...American Bass Anglers announced today Royal Purple Synthetic Oil offers a special �Royal Purple Angler of the Year� program for the American Fishing Tour Series for the 2010 season. details...

Dave Seemans dominated in 2006 with 2 wins, 4 seconds and a 3rd place finish. But Trail Oliver deleiverd an impressive 21 lb sack for the two day edgeing out Dave for the 2 day championship. But Dave's second place was more than enuough to earn him well deserved AOY honors.
2006 AOY
Dave Seemans

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