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Dale Gorrell wins second two day in as many weeks. Rick DiIenno wins second AOY title. Randy Iorio wins 5th COY title.

From Pennsylvania Division 9, August 26, 2012 - Dale Gorrell wins Division 9 AFT championship tournament on the North East River. Running out of Anchor Marina in North East MD, the Quakertown PA, angler caught 9 bass weighing 22.84 pounds. For the victory, Dale took home a check for $845. This is Dale's second year in a row winning the Division 9 two day championship, and only 2 weeks ago He won the Division 11 two day on the Potomac. Can you say "on fire"? I recommend not fish against this guy right now.

Rick DiIenno wins his second AOY title from Division 9. Ricky D of West Deptford, NJ is the first angler in the Division to nail down a second AOY win. He brough in 6 fish for 17 pounds even and finished 4th. Rick said, "Jigs with Venom sweet dream trailers did the damage". Rick's AOY win gives him the chance to win a 2013 Triton 21XS and Mercury 200 Pro XS Outboard, Carlisle Tires and Wheels, ODYSSEY Batteries, Royal Purple Oil and MotorGuide Trolling Motor. On lake Hudson in Pryor, Oklahoma on October 20th.

Randy Iorio of Marlton NJ, wins COY for an unbelieveable 5th time and 4th in a row. Randy finished in 7th with 4 fish for 11.80 pounds.

In second among these AFT competitors, Michael Piccolo of Levittown PA, caught 7 bass weighing 22.36 pounds. Mike only has 4 lbs on day one but put on one hell of a charge on day 2 falling just a bit short of Dale. He pocketed a check for $465 for second.

Taking third place, Robert Winward of Wilmington DE, caught 7 bass weighing 18.77 pounds. Robert took home $146 for his efforts.

In fourth place, Rick DiIenno of West Deptford NJ, caught 6 bass weighing 17.00 pounds. Jeff Warner of Shamong NJ, rounded out the top five competitors with 4 bass weighing 14.71 pounds. Jeff also won the big fish award for a 5.10 pound large mouth winning $170.

Many thanks to Blackwater Sport Center for the support over the year the baits were much appreciated by all our anglers. If you cant make it over to the store, they have a wide selection available online http://www.blackwatersportscenter.com/

Also, a big thank you to Kenny over at NuWave Marine. He got the steering fixed on my skeeter in just a few days and had me ready to fish the two day. Fast quality work for your bass boat http://www.nuwavemarine.com/

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Next Divisional Tournament:
September 16, 2012 on the Delaware River from Lightning Jacks Marina in Riverside NJ. map

These anglers accrued valuable points toward the divisional angler of the year title. The points champion from each division will compete in the annual American Bass Anglers AFT Angler of The Year Final Round Fish-Off. In addition, the top 500 anglers from the various divisions will earn the right to compete in the three-day ABA, AFT National Championship tournament.

For more information, you may call the natioanl ABA office at (888) 203-6222. On line, see www.americanbassanglers.com/. Or the PA Division 9 Director Wayne Alker at (215) 396-7787. Division website www.pabasstournaments.com. or by email at Walker4755@verizon.net

The American Fishing Tour offers low cost, close to home bass tournaments that are designed for the weekend angler. All ABA anglers fish for money and points. The points advance the angler to their divisional championship and the top 500 anglers in the US are invited to the American Fishing Tour National Championship.


Wayne Alker

August 26, 2012
Jeff Warner - Lunker, 5.10 lbs
Robert Winward - 3rd, 18.77 lbs
Mike Piccolo - 2nd, 22.36 lbs
Dale Gorrell - 1st, 22.84 lbs

Rick DiIenno - 2012, 2008 AOY

Randy Iorio - 2012,2011,2010,2009,2007 COY

Dale Gorrell - Div 9 and Div 11 two day Champ

Mike Piccolo - 2nd

Robert Winward - 3rd

Rick DiIenno - 4th

Jeff Warner - 5th

Mike Tenaglia - 6th

Randy Iorio - 7th

Den B - 8th

Joe Didomenico - 9th

Robert Santos - 10th

Scott McDonough - 11th

Frank Coyne - 12th

Mike Smith - 13th

Wayne Alker - 14th

Smallest Keeper of the year 0.87 lbs

Joe Ciamaichela - 15th

1M Tenaglia748
2B Forrest742
3Den B732
1Ray M369

Tenags was hearing footsteps Rich Przybyl had won the last two in a row and was within striking distance. A good limit on day one gave Mike a nice lead. But he was sweating Sunday morning when he watched two fellow competitors load their boat right in front of him. Mike only had one fish in the boat at the time. But nerves of steal prevailed! Mike loaded his boat again and put together the largest winning sack in division history 30+ lbs.
2018 AOY
Mike Tenaglia
  2018 COY
Ray Marcinkiewicz

Den was 2 points behind Tenags, and Scott was breathing down his neck. He didn't think he had much of a chance but a good limit on day 1 put him in the lead. That limit was anchored by a 3 pounder that he literally got on his last cast. Day 2 he thought he had lost at 2pm only had two in the boat. But same place as the day before. He put 3 more in the boat in the last 10 minutes to seal the win. Joe Ciamaichela Jr wins COY for the 5th time in row. He held off a late charge by Ray Marcinkiewicz to continue his non-boater dominance. But I think he maybe hearing footsteps!
2017 AOY
Den Budzitowski
  2017 COY
Joe Ciamaichela Jr

Mike Piccolo took the AOY lead into the 2 day, But after day one, it looked like Mike Tenaglia could pull off a come from behind win. But Pic brought in a big 17 lb sack on day two to seal the win! Joe Phillips needed just one more fish, but it was not to be! Joe Ciamaichela Jr wins COY for the 4th year in a row. Great job Joe!
2016 AOY
Mike Piccolo
  2016 COY
Joe Ciamaichela Jr

Ryan Bauman took a big lead into the 2 day and did not disappoint. His 12 lb sack on day one sealed the deal for Angler of the year. Joe Ciamaichela Jr wins COY for the 3rd year in a row. He was behind going into the finals but pulled out another title on the last event.
2015 AOY
Ryan Bauman
  2015 COY
Joe Ciamaichela Jr

Bill Cowperthwait kicked tail for most of the year, and went into the finals with a good lead but on saturday he could not manage a fish, leaving the door open for AOY. But Bill is a tough competitor and locked the deal up with a good sack on sunday. Robert Winward wins the two day championship. A cold front made the fishing tough but Robert had them figured out when no one else could. Joe Ciamaichela Jr wins COY for the 2nd year in a row. He had a big lead going into the finals and crushed all hope amoung his competitors with a 5 pounder on day one.
2014 AOY
Bill Cowperthwait
  2014 Two Day Champ
Robert Winward
2014 COY
Joe Ciamaichela Jr

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Ricky D, crushed the field with a 29 lb sack to win the two day and nail down his 3rd AOY title and his second in a row. Great Job Ricky your the man!!! Joe Ciamaichela Jr wins the COY title, he was in a tight race with Randy all year but he came thru big in the 2 day, to nail down the win. Congrats Joe!!!
2013 AOY
Rick DiIenno
  2013 COY
Joe Ciamaichela Jr

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Ricky DiIenno locks up his 2nd AOY crown. It was a real tight race this year with three anglers within 2 pts of the lead. Although Ricky could not manage a limit the fish he did bring were quailty enough to make him our first ever two time winner. Dale Gorrell wins the two day championship for the second year in a row. He held off a sunday charge by Mike Piccolo to nail down the win. Randy Iorio wins COY for the 5th time and 4th straight, the competeition was tough this year with 4 co-anglers giving Randy a good run.
2012 AOY
Rick DiIenno
  2012 Two Day Champ
Dale Gorrell
2012 COY
Randy Iorio

Triton Gold. details...

Mike Piccolo lead much of the year based on 3 early season wins on the flats. But that did nothing but cause Dale Gorrell to focus. Conditions were tough with high muddy water But Dale managed the only limit on the final day to tie Mike for the points lead. Causing a special tie breaker tournament in which Dale prevaled. Randy Iorio locked up COY for the 3rd straight time, can anybody beat this guy?
2011 AOY
Dale Gorrell
  2011 COY
Randy Iorio

Going into the 2 day, four guys within 5 pts of the AOY lead. Den didn't think he had much of a chance but 2 solid limits propelled him to win both the Division Championship and AOY. Randy had a great season, his win on the flats gave him a commanding lead going into the finals, and a solid limit on day one sealed the deal for COY.
2010 AOY
Den Budzitowski
  2010 COY
Randy Iorio

Jeff Lead all year but Tim K, Mike T and Chris D closed the gap and gave us all an exciting finsh to the season. Jeff was trailing after day 1 but brought in a limit on the last day to win both the division championship and AOY. Randy broke into a good lead after the final one day event, and slamed the door shut with a good limit on day one of the finals.
2009 AOY
Jeff Warner
  2009 COY
Randy Iorio

Ricky D, and Ralph Ferguson were in a tight race all year, but Rick Hung on to his lead on the last day winning both the Division championship and nailing down AOY. Ray M pulled a great come from behind win over defending co-angler champ Randy Iorio during the two day.
2008 AOY
Rick DiIenno
  2008 COY
Ray Marcinkiewicz

Johnny V and Dave Seemans were in the closest AOY race ever, after day 1 of the championship they were separated by only 0.05 lbs. But John came thru on the last day with a big 13 lb. sack winning both the Division championship and AOY. The Co-angler race was tight as well with Randy, Rob Santos, Cody Shwartz and Ed Barry all in the running on the last day. But Randy's experience paid off with a good sack winning COY.
2007 AOY
John Vanore
  2007 COY
Randy Iorio

Dave Seemans dominated in 2006 with 2 wins, 4 seconds and a 3rd place finish. But Trail Oliver deleiverd an impressive 21 lb sack for the two day edgeing out Dave for the 2 day championship. But Dave's second place was more than enuough to earn him well deserved AOY honors.
2006 AOY
Dave Seemans

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